Board of Directors

AED National Officers – 2016-2018


AED National President

Cindy Stanfield, Ph.D.
University of South Alabama

Email: cstanfield@southalabama.edu


AED National Vice President

Kenneth Crawford, Ph.D.

Western Kentucky University

Email: kenneth.crawford@wku.edu

AED National Secretary

Sovent Taylor, M.A.
The University of Mississippi

Email: sovent@olemiss.edu


AED National Treasurer

Donald O. Schreiweis, Ph.D.

Email: slupmddir@att.net


AED National Counselor

Frank Dyer, Ph.D.

Email: fdyer1941@yahoo.com

AED Director of Communications

Donna Nonnenkamp, Ph.D.

Email: nonnendj@gmail.com

Liaison to National Office

Phil Hartman, Ph.D.

Texas Christian University

Email: p.hartman@tcu.edu

AED Member-at-Large

Mary Anne Hoskins

The University of Tennessee

Email: mhoskins@utk.edu

AED Past President

John Lynn, Ph.D.

Email: zolynn@lsu.edu



Chosen health professions include careers in medicine (allopathic and osteopathic), dentistry, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine and other health care professions requiring post baccalaureate study leading to an advanced degree.